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Litsea Orange Soap


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Litsea Orange Vegan Soap (3.5 oz.) is a perfect combination of Lisea and Orange essential oils.  I have also added just a handful of Lavender buds to give it a special look and feel

All of my soap is cured for a minimum of four weeks. It is formulated with oils that give it the most long lasting characteristics possible. It is a hard bar of soap that will last long if cared for and not left to sit in the water.

Ingredients in this handmade cold process soap include:

Olive oil for its mildness.
Coconut oil for its suds.
Palm oil for a hard, long lasting bar.
Superfatted with avocado oil that is great for the skin.These oils are added at the end for maximum benefit to your skin.

Litsea Orange Soap is 100% handcrafted from natural based oils. They are superfatted, which means they have free floating oil in the soap. If you have never tried handcrafted soap, you will find it a very different experience than the detergent soaps purchased at the store.

Cold processed soap is made using time tested methods that produce a mild, wonderful product when superfatted in carefully chosen amounts.