About us

I’m Melanie Skelton, herbalist , formulator and owner of SkinTastic Creations, where we create  homegrown skincare products for women who love to look and feel amazing.

SkinTastic Creations took root twenty years ago as I battled cancer. Four months of chemo convinced me to take control of my health by turning to a lifestyle of natural foods and herbs.  I never want to do cancer again, so we planted fruits and vegetables and especially life-changing herbs that helped with everything from colds to cancer.  I learned to incorporate these homegrown herbs into tinctures, teas, balms and eventually even lotions and serums. I didn’t realize at the beginning of this journey that these products would bless more than just my own family.

But they have.

People with eczema have found solutions in SkinTastic’s herbal balm and lotion. Others rave about how my Herbal Facial Serum keeps them looking young. And they love that the products are natural.

Our unique skin care and spa products are all made with natural ingredients, many of those being harvested from our own garden. Our favorite herbs are calendula, comfrey and chickweed because of their ability to help regenerate cells and promote healthy skin. We infuse the herbs into botanical oils, which are then used as an ingredient in our balms, lotions and serums. These products are all handcrafted at our kitchen table, with the help of my husband and teenage children.

Natural products promote healthier lives and I want every person to know they can take control of their health.

Melanie Skelton


Homegrown Skincare