Homegrown Lotion

What do we mean when we say homegrown lotion?

We infuse three homegrown herbs (calendula, comfrey and chickweed) into the almond oil used in every bottle of handcrafted lotion. Essential oils are added to all except our Herbal Lotion, for additional properties that are beneficial to the skin and body. We leave our Herbal Lotion without for those who want a lotion with no smell or want to add their own essential oils.

What other people are saying about SkinTastic Lotion:

Awesome lotion! This smells soooo FRESH and my terribly dry winter hands are still soft after putting this on five hours ago and washing them twice! Very happy! – Diane

I recieved my lotion today. It smells wonderful Rosemary lemon . Thank you so much I am very pleased, and thank you for the gift. I will order from you again. – Margaret

Another great product from this company. I’m in love! – Melissa