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Herbal Balm is made using all natural ingredients with a mild olive oil base. Many people have had great success with this balm, including one man who had been struggling with eczema for 25 years and was finally able to clear it completely using this product. With no added preservatives or other less natural additives, the simple formula allows the olive oil to moisturize while the herbs soothe and help the skin feel better.

It only takes a dab, which means this 2 ounce jar will last awhile. You will find it is a great value and money well spent.

My family has used this self made product for over 15 years. We and others have used it for many things. A few are listed below.

*dry cracked knuckles
*diaper rash
*scrapes and scratches
*dry facial skin
*welding hands

The ingredients in this product are: olive oil infused with comfrey, calendula and chickweed, beeswax and vitamin E.

Comfrey is known to regenerate skin cells. Calendula is touted as an herb for healing the skin and chickweed, among other properties is known to help with eczema.


“It worked fabulous! I was very impressed. We have tried lots of different lotions and this one made all the difference! I like it so much I’m going to try it on my kids dry and cracked feet. Thank you again!” Monica M.

“My little girl has eczema and I have tried everything on it and nothing really helped until I tried your balm. I have put it on her for 4 days her eczema has cleared thank you so much!” Jamie

***The above testimonials are a sample of how this product has helped many people. However, we do not make claims about this product, only provide examples and state documented information about the herbs used in it and their properties. Please read the ingredients listed above and if you are allergic to any ingredient, don’t use this product.***

Thank you for looking. It’s a product my family cannot live without.