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This Lavender Soap with goat milk has that relaxing aromatherapy benefit of lavender essential oil.

This bar is scented exclusively with lavender essential oil. For gentle exfoliation, ground lavender buds have been added to the blend.

The soap produces a luxurious, creamy lather and that compliments a relaxing shower with that wonderful lavender aromatherapy.

The added avocado oil in this bar nourishes your skin and helps to keep you from drying out. Some people tell us they don’t need as much lotion after using this soap.

The goat milk adds creaminess for one more level of pampering.

This lavender soap is cured for a minimum of four weeks so that you get at long lasting bar of soap. One customer tells us that the bar of soap lasted an entire month for her family. Here is Candy’s complete testimonial.

“My hands have been eaten up by every soap out there, except the one choice with glycerin. I would get severely cracked dry hands October through March. The glycerin had eased that condition, yet the soap wouldn’t last very long. Then I went to the Tooele County fair, followed by my two daughters who were begging me to smell this new soap and lotion. That’s where I found Melanie’s handmade lemongrass soap. My hands did not dry out. I didn’t even need lotion. And one bar of soap lasted a month for our famil. Now I tell anyone with dry hand about the handmade soaps. you should try it. Very affordable.”  Candy Swallom – Grantsville, Utah.

You can view the Lemongrass Soap that Candy mentions here:

Your bar of soap will arrive at your home, individually packaged for your use or for gift giving.  our packaging is bio-degradable

Lavender soap ingredients:

Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Goat Milk, Olive Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Avocado Oil, Lavender Essential Oil

Benefits of oils used in Lavender soap:
Coconut Oil:
Coconut oil has been used for years to produce the bubbles all of us love to have in the soap we use.  It complements the palm oil in producing a hard soap bar that lasts longer.

Palm Oil:
The use of palm oil in soap produces a hard and less water soluble bar of soap thus makes the bar last longer. It complements the coconut oil which produces the big fluffy bubbles.  Palm oil cleans well and is very mild.

Goat Milk:
Goat milk adds another layer of moisturizing properties to our soap.

Olive Oil:
Olive oil has its own healing properties and is a great moisturizer.  It holds the moisture close to the skin and forms a breathable barrier but does not block the skins ability to sweat or shed dead skin cells.  Olive oil is very gentle on the skin and is great for those with a tendency to have sensitive skin. Olive oil has been used in the best soaps for centuries.

Sodium Hydroxide:
Sodium Hydroxide is a necessary ingredient in making a beautiful bar of soap.  It is the reason the chemical reaction happens, changing the properties of the oils into the cleaning ability that a good bar of soap has.

We always formulate our soaps with extra oils to assure that this soap will keep your skin moist and soft.

Avocado Oil:
Avocado oil contains protein, amino acids, and a relatively large amounts of vitamins A, D, and E, Because of this oils high amount of unsaponifiables (the part of the oil that does not react to the soap making process). It retains much of its original makeup.  Avocado oil is obtained from the pulp of the avocado pear and is highly used in the cosmetic industry because of its moisturizing and healing attributes.  It also helps regenerate cells and softens body issue, as well as its ability to heal scaly skin and scalps.

Lavender Essential Oil:
Lavender has been used for centuries.  The Latin root is “lavare” which means to wash.  Anciently Lavender buds were added to bathwater to help wash and purify the skin.  Lavender is known for its anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antidepressant, antiseptic properties. And is one of the most well-known essential oils.

The listing is for one bar weighing aprox. 4.25 oz.

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