What our customers are saying about our products.

“I was having problems with my sciatic and muscles. I rubbed the Peppermint Lotion on my leg and almost immediately it took the pain away!”  Mollie

I’m using this on my baby after his bath every night. He suffers from eczema, and I’m glad to use a natural product. This goes on so nice and smells great! – Melissa

My baby suffers from severe diaper rash. This goes on amazing, and I feel great knowing there’s no harmful chemicals. – Melissa

“My little girl has eczema and I have tried everything on it and nothing really helped until I tried your balm. I have put it on her for 4 days her eczema has cleared thank you so much!” Jamie

“It worked fabulous! I was very impressed. We have tried lots of different lotions and this one made all the difference! I like it so much I’m going to try it on my kids dry and cracked feet. Thank you again!” Monica M.

Your lotion is amazing! We tried everything including prescription lotions with little to no improvement. After just a couple of days using your lotion my daughter’s hands were so much better. After about a week her hands looked completely normal. No dryness and no red patches. Thank you!!! -Kim Ekin

Another great product from this company. I’m in love! – Melissa

Awesome lotion! This smells soooo FRESH and my terribly dry winter hands are still soft after putting this on five hours ago and washing them twice! Very happy! Diane McElhaney

I have found that SkinTastic’s lotion doesn’t make my skin look or feel oily. This has been a wonderful product to add to my daily routine. Tifny Cano

Absolutely amazing!! This lotion smells great, feels good, and it made my skin super soft!! I’m definitely buying more products!! Melissa

“My hands have been eaten up by every soap out there, except the one choice with glycerin. I would get severely cracked dry hands October through March. The glycerin had eased that condition, yet the soap wouldn’t last very long. Then I went to the Tooele County fair, followed by my two daughters who were begging me to smell this new soap and lotion. That’s where I found Melanie’s handmade lemongrass soap. My hands did not dry out. I didn’t even need lotion. And one bar of soap lasted a month for our family. Now I tell anyone with dry hand about the handmade soaps. you should try it. Very affordable.” Candy Swallom – Grantsville, Utah.

Thank you so much! Beautiful soaps and at such an amazing price!! I purchased them to go with some handmade washcloths for holiday gifts, but I’m going to end up keeping at least half for myself!! Michelle

“When I first saw Melanie selling this at a craft fair [over] 5 years ago, I thought this is something to try to help my son calm down at night and go to sleep. So the very first night… it worked! He went right to bed with no trouble at all.” Dawn

“Love! Works like a charm on my headaches and my kiddos like to use it too! It smells amazing!” Dion Card – Minnesota

Makes my lips feel great!! Definitely recommend!! Melissa

Came in time for Christmas! My brother loved it! Ashley

I have been faithfully applying one squirt morning & night.  I have seen a noticeable difference in the hydration of my face.  I was using coconut oil before & I can tell a difference between your product and coconut oil.  Your product works on my face.  The coconut oil may have been working but not with the noticeable difference I have seen with your product.  Please continue to make this product because I love it! – Christine